More Referrals=More $$$ How to get more referrals?

Does more referrals means more money? Watch the following movie first!

Before you try to get more referrals, imagine yourself as the person you want to refer to. What really interest you to join the program? If the answer is nothing else but make money by referring other people, then this is scam. DO NOT JOIN! Only join the program that will really benefit people. This is the good fundation for you to get more referrals, which will by the way make you more money.

Big Crumbs is my favorate program. Cash Crate is another program I am actively promoting.


Here is some tips which helped me to get more referrals.

1. As you know, the referral links is kind of long. For example, my Big Crumbs Referral link is

This is way too long and hard to remember, right? Wouldn't it be great to be able to type in and have it redirect to Big Crumbs use this long URL automatically? After all it would be much easier to type and remember, right? You can do this easily by registering a domain name from at $10.69 per year. Once you signed up, set the domain to forward to the long URL. That way, you will not lose any referrals because the hard-to-remember long URL.

This is really helpful. If you do not want to invest $10.69 per year, you might try ($2.99 per year) or ($0.79 per year). If you do not want to invest at all, contact me and I can give you a domain like and I will set it up to redirect to Big Crumbs use your referring URL. And that is completely FREE.

2. People who love


will also love Big Crumbs . So always highly recommend Big Crumbs to your buyers. You can also ask the ebay seller to join because most of eBay sellers are also eBay buyers.


People you Know

Promoting starts at home, and at least for me, my friends are some of my best referrals. A lot of the people I know thought this was a rip off when I first mentioned it to them. But after showing them my first checks, they quickly changed their minds.


This is huge!!!!!!!!!!!!

In one referral contest, I won a $250+ Ipod a while back. I would have never won if it wasn’t for creating flyers and posting them at local colleges. I got a lot of referrals this way.

You can also post flyers on bulletin boards at grocery stores, laundry mats, etc.

I have included a copy of a flyer I used at the end of this document. Just change it to meet your needs, and put your blog address for example at the bottom.

I used scissors to cut little “tabs” at the bottom of my flyer so people could just tear off a little piece of paper with my blog address on it and leave the flyer up for other people to see.


Creating Blogs

One benefit of creating a blog is that you can list all of your referral links in one place. Instead of promoting each link individually, you can promote your blog instead.


Creating Web Pages

One benefit of creating a web page is that you can list all of your referral links in one place. Instead of promoting each link individually, you can promote your blog instead.

I have created a web page here for example:

I have both blogs and website. I used to love blog but once I own my website, I see a lot of advantages.. But if you just start, blogs are probably the best way to go. I have found search engines pick up blogs a bit more easily then they do free web sites.


Adding your Site/Blog URL(s) to Google and other Search Engines

Technically, you do not need to add your site or blog to search engines. Add your link to a site that is already indexed by Google, such as a forum. Many forums allow you to have your blog address in your signature for example.

Google will follow the links on the forum and when it finds yours, it will be indexed.

To see if you have been indexed in Google, just type your exact blog or site address in the Google search. If your site shows up, it has been indexed

Your URL is the web address of the site or blog that you create and appears in the address bar (usually near the top of the screen in your browser).

Hopefully, search engines like Google will pick up your site(s). Some search engines will pick up your site(s)automatically. But you can also submit your site to search engines. If a search engine picks up your site, it will potentially help more people find you.

It can also take time for your URL to be picked (up to a month or longer for Google). Personally, I think it is still worth the time to submit your URL to Search Engines.

You can add your site or blog to 300+ Search Engines through this link:

You do have to paste a little code to your site that puts in a small advertisement. I have mine at the bottom out of the way. It think it is worth it in exchange for getting listed with 300+ Search Engines for free.

Posting to Message Boards, Forums, Groups, etc.

Message boards are places where people go to ask questions and give answers. You might want to look for discussion groups to post your referral link. But many discussion groups allow blog links (and not referral links). Another reason to consider creating a blog. Forums are a good place to post too, but make sure you follow the rules.

Here are 2 large lists of forums:

Groups I use

Here are some groups that I have posted to. This is just a starting point. There are tons and tons of groups on the Internet, and you might find some that are even better then the ones I suggest.

Banner Exchanges

Banner exchanges are an interesting way to advertise. By inserting a banner into your web page you automatically display advertisements for other members. In return, your banners will be displayed across the member network.

Social Network Sites

Social Network sites are becoming huge!!!!

You might want to check out some social network sites. A social network site is for communities of people who share interests and activities, or who are interested in exploring the interests and activities of others.

Most Social Network sites offer things like forums, groups, chat, blogs, etc. It is a great way for people to exchange information.

Here is a good starting list:

or you can just do a Google search for example:

Classified Ad Sites

I have had some limited luck getting referrals on these sites:

Note: Doing a Google search for forums, groups, etc. will help you find more places to post.

Lots of members who love Bigcrumbs also put a lot of great ideas of getting more Big Crumbs referrals. How is the link on how to get more referrals both Online referrals and offline referrals.

Good Luck

It will take some time and effort to make really good money with these types of programs. Just don’t give up. You may not make a lot your first month. But as your referral numbers continue to grow, so will your earnings.

And remember—with Cash Crate you are paid for your second level of referrals and with BigCrumbs you are paid for your 5th level of referrals . So as your referrals add referrals, your income also continues to grow.

Your Earnings

No one can guarantee your earnings. It depends upon your hard work and determination. Ultimately, your earnings are up to you.



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