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I migrated from China to US 6 years ago with my husband. We started everything from scratch. To settle down, we have to spend money on renting an apartment, buying a car, purchasing necessary household furniture etc. We used all our savings and for a period of time, we can not pay off our credit card debt. By then, my husband had a job but I did not. English is not my native language. It was so hard to find a decent job since I did not speak English well and I was so shy. I really prefer staying at home with my kids. But we need MONEY! I found a low hourly rate job but that just help a little. We were wondering all the time, when we can realize our American Dream?

Everything changed after I got a low pay job doing the packing work for an online company. From then on, I knew eBay and spent all my free time on it. I started to make money by myself. Then I found different methods to make money. I finally found secrets to make a lot of money! Yes, this money-make system is very updated and I am going to keep updating it in the future. Who ever purchased this book will get update FREE for ever.

Now we bought a house. I have 2 kids. My son is 6 and my daughter 2. My son is in one of the best private schools in our area. We are paying $23,280 per year for his tuition. We also bought a nice piano ($8000) for him to practice playing piano. We pay $80 per hour to the piano teacher. We have people cut grass for us. We have nanny come to clean our house. We have vacation whenever my son is off, every Spring Break, Summer Holiday, Thanksgiving holiday and Christmas holiday. We went to Florida, Los Angeles, Niagara Falls, Outer Banks Beach in North Carolina, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Aruba, Cruise etc.… My son enjoys travel so much. He loves staying in hotels.

All of these are supported by the income from selling on eBay. If I can do that, you can too.

Let me briefly introduce myself:

þ     Extremely shy. Not outgoing at all.

þ     Started from NOTHING. No start up money (Even worse, I had credit card debt)

þ     New Immigrant, only speak a little English at the beginning and picked up most of English after came to US

þ     Only could find low hourly rate job if I work for somebody else

þ     Need a lot of time to take care of my young children (6-year-old-boy and 2-year-old-girl)


But now, I am really proud of myself. I am so glad that I can provide my kids the great education and a wonderful life!

þ     Now make $120 per hour or even more by working for myself AT HOME.

þ     Only work a few hours a day at home and spend a lot of time with my kids.

þ     Realize our American Dream. Own a single family house in US

þ     Send my 6-year-old-son to one of the best private schools in Northern Virginia ($23,280 tuition per year)

þ     Bought an $8000 piano for my son and have a piano teacher to teach him. (We pay $80 per hour to the piano teacher.)

þ     Have vacations whenever the school is off. Spring Break, Summer Holiday, Thanks Giving Holiday, Christmas Holiday. We went to Florida, Los Angeles, Niagara Falls, Outer Banks Beach in North Carolina, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Aruba, Cruise etc.…

YES, If I can do it, you can!

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Yes, that is true! You do NOT need to be outgoing. You do NOT need any start-up money. As long as you understand English; As long as you have a computer with internet connection, then you CAN make that money. My neighbor who is a 19-year-old-boy, are making good money using my making money methods. My friend’s dad, who has been retired, is also making good money using my making money system. You will too. You will have a much easier life. YES, IF I CAN, YOU CAN! YOU DESERVE A BETTER LIFE!


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