Sometimes Amazon Deals is better than eBay!

Ebay is my favorate place to buy, but sometimes Amazon has better deals.

Amazon Gift Cards

This is the web page that I visited by myself every day. Why? Because I need to check this Amazon Deal of the Day on the left column every day! (If it does not show up, please click Here) Normally the deal is pretty good. It only lasts for one day. Deal of the day changes the on sale item at 12:00am Midnight Pacific time. When the deal is good and the item is hot, it will be sold out sooner and only last for a few hours instead of one day. When the deal is really good, I would buy it and resell it on eBay or Amazon later to make a profit.

How do I know whether it is “really a good deal”? By checking the complete listings in eBay! No matter you are an eBay buyer or seller, you will be benefit from checking the complete listing anyway.

As a buyer, by checking the complete listing, you can tell what the average price for the similar item you want to buy is. This way, you will have an idea on how much you are going to spend, what the maximum bid should be placed. When you check price, make sure you add the shipping price. You can click the “customize view” and check “Show shipping cost”.

As a seller, by checking the complete listing, you will have an idea on how much the item can be sold. Base on this information, calculate your profit. Use the calculator to determine how much eBay and paypal would charge you. If you sell on Amazon, use the Amazon Calculator to find out the cost. Don’t forget to check the shipping cost by visiting the or Fedex.Com. I found that for light weight stuffs, US postal service is cheaper. For heavy stuffs, FedEx Ground is cheaper.

As a seller, you not only need to check how much the item can be sold, you also need to pay attention to how hot the item is. If 90% of complete item is green (means sold), then you can tell this item is quite hot and easier to be sold. Thus you can tag the price a little bit higher than the average price. If there is a lot of unsold items, it is a sign that supply is greater than demand.

By the way, I highly recommend eBay sellers to create second or even more eBay accounts. Why? Do you know that each eBay account can be waived the insertion fee for 5 listings every 30 days? That is 5 FREE listings every month. I have 8 eBay accounts and I took advantage of this promotion. So far, eBay still allow multiple accounts. What I do is create a new eBay account and use it for purchasing at first. After I got some positive feedbacks, I started to use it to sell something. It is FREE anyway, so go

register a new eBay account

today! The Amazon Deal of the day can be something that sold on eBay.

Another benifet to have multiple eBay accounts is to get eBay coupon. eBay constantly pick up some accounts and give away eBay coupons. It only work if you use that account to buy on eBay. Not all accounts will get the coupon. With multiple accounts, you have more chance to get coupon. If you get a good coupon, you can buy from eBay (use the coupon to save more) and then resell on eBay to make a profit. So again, go

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