How to maximize Cash Backs from purchases?

The answer is to combine all Cash Backs available for

As I mentioned in my video, there are 4 available cash backs.

1. cash back.
2. cash back
3. eBay Bucks
4. Credit Card Cash back.

Here is the detail information on all these 4 cash back methods:

1. cash back (Please check the up video or from Youtube)

Microsoft Cash back program offers at least 8% cash back on eBay. The rate keeps changing but at least 8% off. In February 2010, when I record my video on how to combine cash backs, it was 10%, Last year around black Friday it offered 25% and on cyber Monday it even offer 35%. Please watch my video up or on my youtube channel at Cash back can be only used when the item is buy it now item and you pay for the item using Paypal. The maximum bing cashback is $200 per item and $2500 per year. You need a Windows Live ID which is free. Just click Here to Sign up.

And here is the Detail Terms.

2. cash back (Watch my video at Youtube)

Bigcrumbs offers about 3% cashback on eBay. You can get cash back not only from Buy it now item, but auction items as well. If the item is ‘Buy it now’, it can be combined with Bing cash back so you can save more.

Here is a link which explains how bigcrumbs works.

Please also watch my video:

3. eBay Bucks (Watch the useful video Here)

eBay Bucks is completely automatic. It offers 2% cashback or more. Watch the video on eBay

4. Credit Card Cash back.

I have 2 Credit cards which offer cash back. The Discover Cardand Chase award card which both earn cash back for me. I get at least 1% on all my credit card purchases. If you use the reward credit card as the payment method through paypal, you will get the cash back when you buy from eBay. There are a few great cash back credit cards available. Click Here for additional Cash Back Credit Card Offers

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