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Save MONEY when you purchase on eBay use 'Buy it now' and pay with paypal.

    Use this discount 12 times on different purchases
     No Expiration Date
     No Minimum Purchase Required!
     FREE Shipping within 24 hours!
     Full Refund if not work!

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* The item must be a "Buy it now" item.
* There is NO minimum purchase required
* You have to send payment use your paypal account.
* Except eBay Motors and Real Estate, you can use this on any item on eBay.
* Read this before you buy it now on eBay. Otherwise you will not get the discount!
* We will provide pictures and step by step detail instruction.
* The discount will be paid as cash back. Like a rebate.
* There is no expiration date
* You can use a couple of times.
* We will ship your guide within 24 hours. FREE SHIPPING.

BONUS: Besides, you can also use this discount to get discount from online store such as Home Depot, Kmart,, OfficeMax and the list goes on and on!!

MORE BONUS: We will also show you how to get cash back when you bidding (Auctions) instead of 'Buy it now', or when you pay using money order or personal check instead of paypal.

The percentage % is random. It could be anything from 8% ~ 30% but at least 8% and could be as much as 30%. It will save you a whole lot of money if you buy expensive items. Check the hottest items on eBay and Keep in mind, it will also help you a lot on the coming Holiday season shipping!

We are eBay Power Seller with 100% positive feedbacks. Check our feedbacks.

Received coupon immediately

Just like description on listing.

I saved $29 dollars on a $116 purchase. Thanks

Excelent communication!!! Thanks

it really works! Saved me a lot of money on Wii

Thank you for an easy and pleasant transaction! A+++

Very helpful seller

<<<Click here to get it & Save Money!>>>>

Trust us, we know how eBay works and just $3.79, you will save a lot of money.


Q: Is this a coupon code?

A: No. It is not a coupon code, but a cash back rebate. You will get 12% off of the 'buy it now' price. It only works if you 'buy it now' and pay by paypal. You will get cash back in 60 days. Payment will be sent to your paypal account.

Q: Can it work on 'Best offer' or bidding auctions?

A:No. This rebate works only on 'Buy it now' price. If you want to bid auctions instead of ‘buy it now’, there is another way to save good money. Visit: and you will find out.

Q: Does it work for interenationl user?

A: Sorry it only works for US buyer. The other way mentioned in the previouse answer works for US, Canada, UK buyer. Please visit to find out.

Q: Is there a maximum rebate limit?

A: Yes, the maximum rebate cash back per purchase is $200. That means if you buy anything under $1667, you will get 12% off. If you buy anything more than $1667, you will get $200 cash back.

Q: This deal sounds too good to be true. Who will send that 12% off rebate, eBay or Paypal?

A: Neither eBay nor Paypal will send you the rebate. Just $3.79, you will find out.

Q: When I will get the cash back?

A: After 60 days, you will get the cash back send to your paypal account.

Q: Is there an expiration date?

A: Although there is no expiration date, we highly recomend you to use this as soon as possible. Another word, do not buy this unless you are ready to buy it now on eBay. The promotion might be end any time! The rebate rate might also change without notice. Right now it is 12% off which is really good. So hurry up. Use this ASAP!